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This study is describe­­ the character of Japanese society through the establishment gairaigo. This is done so that the Indonesian people can be good diplomacy with the Japanese people. Therefore, the Japanese people are not pleased with plagiatrisme society. Phonological processes that occur in the formation of gairago changes the shape and sound system changes that occur from the original form of English into Japanese during absorption.

This research is the descriptive qualitative approach . There are several stages in this study, which collects data, analysis and presentation of the analysis. In gathering data using methods Listen Non involved Proficient continued with engineering notes. At the time of data analysis techniques used methods Shared with PUP ( Pilah Elements Determinants ). Then, when presenting the results of the analysis using formal and informal methods .Data analysis concluded that during the absorption, occur phonological process is deletion, substitution, insertion, addition, segments and assimilation. This process shows that Japanese society is a conservative society that has a sense of national stature.


Keywords: gairaigo , the character of Japanese society

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